Eminönü Balık Ekmek

In Istanbul we eat several times throughout the day, the munchies have no time. The street food istanbul has existed for centuries, it is very easy to find a street vendor who sells a small sweet or salty snack all day everywhere in Istanbul, the street vendors are the soul of Turkey, a real treat


La Moule Farcie istanbul

In the street of Istanbul, many street vendors take place at every corner for street food in Istanbul , early in the morning to serve the Istanbulites. In Istanbul, each street vendor has a place reserved by the husband of their district to whom he pays a license, but if you see some vendors running in front of the Zabitas (branch of the municipal police who watch over grain), do not be surprised that they are street vendors selling their merchandise without a permit.

Street food is a real institution in Turkey, there is even every year a festival of street food in Istanbul, in manners, it creates the decor, the atmosphere of big cities! 

Street food sellers create the fragrant, colorful, fun and tasty atmosphere of Istanbul. The sense of commerce, hospitality, joking are everywhere in the streets of Istanbul, pleasant and pleasant, these street trades bring life to tens of thousands of people. 

Sold on carts or in a stall , the stretcher in Istanbul is for the most part safe, because the seller must retain his customers and be clean and helpful (often placed in the same place) 

Boiled or grilled corn: with a touch of salt a real treat


Vendeur de Mais istanbul

Turkish stuffed mussels :

Huge mussels stuffed with rice, spices and raisins are sold by the piece. with a zest of lemon, a real delight! There are vendors of stuffed mussels in every neighborhood, especially at dinner. Because of the heat, the Istanbulites prefer them in the evening, after sunset.


La Moule Farcie à la turque à Istanbul


The Simit:

Simit is a hollow round bun covered with sesame. We eat all day, nature, with cheese, nutella, tomatoes etc …. The simit is sold everywhere, in a cart, on the head, in baskets, on trestles, each his technique !

The Pogaca:

Pogaca is a plain savory brioche, or stuffed with olives, cheese and potatoes. Istanbul residents prefer to eat pogacas for breakfast, snacks or afternoon tea.



The roasted chestnuts: You will not be able to escape the smell of chestnuts in Istanbul, they are everywhere, grilled on site, with the charcoal fire, the smell attracts passers-by almost all the year.

Kokoreç (street food in istanbul) :

The kokorec are abas of sheep, grilled in spit, sold in bread, seasoned with salt and spices. kokoreç is sold in street food, fast food, restaurant. Loved by many turkish people



The Balik ekmek (street food Istanbul):

It is mackerel in bread seasoned with lemon, salt, garnished with white onions and green sweet peppers. it is often sold on the banks of the Bosphorus beside fish sellers, in carriages, or in beautiful boats.


Balik Ekmek, la street food à Istanbul

The chick-rice chick (street food in Istanbul):

White rice with chickpea sold in small traveling glass carts, it is served in a ladle alu container. Some vendors also offer grilled chicken.


Riz Poid Chiche

Mesir Macunu (street food in Istanbul):

The seller of homemade lollipop (mesir macunu) in Istanbul, he prepares in front of you your multi-colored lollipop with several perfume, artisanal, fun and delicious.


Street Food Istanbul

Almond on ice cube (street food in Istanbul):

Almonds are often sold near fish restaurants. The almonds are placed on ice, a handle will be served in a plastic container, although fresh the taste is original, to test. they are often eaten as mezze, accompanied by a glass of Raki.


Vendeur Amandes Glacées, la stret food à Istanbul

The fruits in Istanbul a long history: 

The fruits are sold in bulk, slice, skewer, juice, for sale everywhere in Istanbul, fresh, pleasant, practical a real pleasure for the eyes and taste buds. What would we do without the watermelon, as soon as the good weather arrives it is sold in roadside trucks, strawberries, pomegranate, apple, carrot, apricot, cherry, grapes of choice

The atmosphere provided by this style of business is indescribable, it must be lived to understand and enjoy.

The king toast of street food in Istanbul :

It is sold on boats, on the street, in fast food, it’s really one of the most eaten snacks in Turkey at all hours. Cheese, with sausage, tomato, gherkin … under the grill it is eaten without hunger!

The Tursu street food in istanbul :

It is sold in an Ottoman-style cart, vegetables and condiments like cabbage, carrots, gherkin, small peppers … bathed in vinegar and vegetable juice served in a plastic glass, sour and spicy, fragile stomach beware!

tursu street food


Pamuk seker street food à Istanbul:


Pamuk seker street food in Istanbul:

Sold by the sea, the Bosphorus, in the parks, on the public squares, the prized delicacy of the children, pastel acid colors, these sellers of candy floss are the clue that the beautiful days arrive


street food in istanbul

The street food in Turkey continues, for the happiness of the inhabitants and the tourists. Turkey and one of the countries that has not yet been sanitized, she was able to keep her soul, and her beauty!

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