Milka Restaurant in Istanbul

Mikla Restaurant and Bar is located on the European shore in the Pera district, on The Marmara Pera 4 * Hotel top floor.

It is always a good idea to go there and enjoy a glass of wine, sitting on the terrace, overlooking an exceptional panoramic view. Indeed, Mikla has a large selection of good wines and the price equals the quality.

The atmosphere is stiff so we would advise to dress for the occasion. It a point to remember because unlike other places of the same standing, you will feel the difference of treatment if you dress modestly.
Le restaurant Mikla à Istanbul
The dining room is human-sized, with a refined and cozy decoration, in which an army of waiters in aprons and cook white jackets is roaming non-stop in order to satisfy the slightest need of their customers.

The system is a bit particular and à la carte, which means that at Mikla, the customer has no choice but to take a 3-course meal: starter + main course + dessert at the price of 385 TL per person.

Le restaurant Mikla à Istanbul
Exceptionally, it is possible if you insist to order a single dish.

4 or 5 kinds of appetizers are offered to you, salted, cheesy, fish-based… the presentation is worthy of a large gourmet restaurant, in minimalist quantity and of fairly good quality.

There are about ten proposals available for each dish: starters / dishes / desserts, which facilitates customer choice.

The preparation of the dishes is quite elegant, the quality of the products and the cuisine is goo but for a place like this, one expects the culinary exception.

Mikla is a renowned restaurant in Istanbul, which is worth a visit at least for its extraordinary view, and its peaceful atmosphere!