Renting a private boat in Istanbul, for a stroll around the Bosphorus, the “Blue Tour”

All Istanbul already offers tours on the Bosphorus, breakfasts, lunches and dinner cruises. Now, All Istanbul invites you to visit the Bosphorus privately!

By renting a private boat on the Bosphorus, All Istanbul invites you to discover and visit many neighborhoods of the European and Asian shore with an unusual trip through the water.



  • How to book the “Blue Tour” in Istanbul with All Istanbul?

Nothing’s easier! Just send an email to or and specify that you are interested by the “Blue Tour” in Istanbul. We take care of everything ! Let yourself float, your reservation will only take a few minutes.

  • Which kind of boat awaits me for sailing during few hours, half-day or full day on the Bosphorus, the Sea of ​​Marmara or the Black Sea?

Several choices are available to you with the “Blue Tour” in Istanbul: the romantic small boat for two, the medium size for family, friends and colleagues … or a large one for a seminar, a group trip, a cousinade, a wedding… your dream can come true! All Istanbul offers a range of boats for all situations, which vary from 2 to several hundreds of people. You choose!

All the boats that All Istanbul offers you are regularly reviewed, clean, insured, led by experienced captains, offering an excellent service, up to a “Blue Walk” in Istanbul.

  • Where can I board and what time for a walk on the Bosphorus in Istanbul?

All Istanbul picks you up at your hotel at the time that has been set together beforehand and accompanies you to the boarding. Different locations are possible :

– On the European side: Kabatas/Ortaköy/Tarabya

– On the Asian side: Kanlica/Üsküdar/Beykoz


  • Where can we go with the “Blue Tour” offered by All Istanbul?

The most important thing to know is that with the “Blue Tour” in Istanbul, you can visit more neighborhoods than you could do on the land. It would take you more time by means of locomotion or by car. Some places may even be inaccessible during your short stay in Istanbul.

We will define your chosen program together according to the time (2 hours, half-day or the whole day). This can range from a classic ride on the Bosphorus to a ride that will take you until the Sea of ​​Marmara or the Black Sea, it is completely up to you. Let yourself be guided by your desires, and your curiosity that wants you to discover lots of neighborhoods so different from each other, exotic and easier to access through the water.

  • What can we discover with the “Blue Tour” in Istanbul?

Following the tour that has been defined with All Istanbul before your departure, once on board, you will have the chance to discover and contemplate the beautiful scenery of Constantinople or Istanbul in a different way. It is really emotional to push the tour until Marmara sea, the Prince Islands or the Black Sea!

You will also have the opportunity to make several stops during the “Blue Tour” in Istanbul in order to visit the neighborhoods of your choice. From the popular to the most chic, you will travel from one world to another. That’s what makes the magic of Istanbul.

You will also have the opportunity to swim away from the crowd during some breaks in some remote areas, in the Bosphorus or the Black Sea. The captain will not fail to make you discover exceptional places where you can enjoy an authentic change of scenery.



  • Neighborhoods that you can discover with the “Blue Tour” in Istanbul

– On the European side: Örtakoy, Tarabya, Sariyer

– On the Asian side: Üsküdar, Kanlica, Beykoz

  • What are the services offered on board during the “Blue Tour” in Istanbul

Throughout your ride on the Bosphorus, the boat is yours. There is no one else but you, your family, your friends or colleagues on board. This is the first advantage of the “Blue Tour” in Istanbul, for a walk of 2 hours, half a day or a full day. Once on board, non-alcoholic drinks are at will and included in the price of your rental (tea, coffee, water, juice, sodas…). Alcoholic beverages come at an additionnal price. To have an optional lunch or dinner, you will need to specify this upon reservation. Everything is possible!

  • The crew included in “Blue Tour” in Istanbul

The on-board staff is present and discreet: an experienced captain and a craft server are the basic crew when booking for a “Blue Tour ” in Istanbul. They are there to make your trip happen in the best possible conditions. Available and listening, your French speaking companion will know, during your walk, how to inform you and do what is necessary to make your “Blue Tour” unforgettable!

For exceptional events such as weddings, conferences, or groups, the crew and benefits will increase.

  • Can I benefit from the services of a certified English-speaking guide during my “Blue Tour” in Istanbul?

During your “Blue Tour” in Istanbul, a guide will guide you throughout your trip. If you want to benefit from the services of a certified English-speaking guide to know the history of the neighborhoods, to discover the crisp anecdotes and to have explanations on all that you will be able to contemplate during the tour, the step is very simple! All you need to do is to ask while booking.

  • How much does a private rental of a boat in Istanbul costs with All Istanbul?

For a few hours, half-day day or full day, contact us to or +90 553 262 30 24 so that we can define together the style of your boat, your route, the number of people, the date of departure and the options chosen. We will send you a quote as soon as possible.

Do not hesitate to book now! A private boat rental in Istanbul is one of the most beautiful ways to visit the amazing city of Istanbul! Innovative, exotic, pleasant and unique, this is what awaits you during the “Blue Tour” in Istanbul.


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